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The Project

Making an 11-minute animated pilot in Puerto Rico

Laundromax is an animated sci-fi adventure comedy series about an ordinary laundromat full of extraordinary mishaps.

The show is grounded in the modern world but contains retro, sci-fi notions. While the environment has a mysterious, otherworldly feel, it is focused on the small towns in north Georgia.

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The World of LaundroMAX

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Further Down the Line...

The world of LaundroMAX spans entire periods and generations. As secrets about the town are discovered, it too will also change.  Government secrets, (un)forgotten pasts and otherworldly beings are just a few things that will give this small town a lot of attention!

The Town of Kindwood

Laundromax is set in Kindwood, A beautiful small town surrounded by nature, southern charm and classic americana.


It's filled with extraordinary stories and colorful characters – human, creature or other... It also has a rich history from its humble beginnings in the mid-1800s. Didja know the town started out in sawmill manufacturing?

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Meet the Laundry Crew!

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